16 June 2020 9:45am - 6:00pm BST

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Let's reimagine our future.


Real Estate Tomorrow, powered by OpRE (Operational Real Estate Festival), is an online interpretation of the original mission of OpRE. It is a real estate and hospitality conference re-imagined.

Like the original OpRE, it is a one-day virtual conference where networks will grow, and deals will get done.

Focused on educating and re-imagining your business going forward, Real Estate Tomorrow is a platform where hundreds of investors, owners, financiers, operators, advisors, brokers and innovators will come together to form the operational real estate deals of the future.

You will not be attending a webinar. Real Estate Tomorrow is much more than that. The virtual platform is purposed for you to network and engage with leaders and peers in the real estate industry, through chat and video from the safety of your own home or office.

If you want to network with investors, owners, financiers, operators, advisers, brokers and innovators, who are forming the operational real estate deals of the future, purchase your pass today and join us for a packed day of meetings and insights from the safety of your home or office.


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The landscape of investors has been changing fast. Now, even faster due to the COVID-19 climate. Hospitality is meeting office to co-work; residential is adopting hospitality to co-live; students are being accommodated in an increasingly hospitable way, and yet investors are still allocating capital in rigid asset classes.

It is time to break free of these constraints and recognise that a real estate revolution is underway, where many investments require the property investor to directly connect with the tenant occupying the business.

The value of the building is determined by what is going on inside it as much as by its location or size. And the sustainability of the rental stream can only be analysed if there is a clear understanding of the business paying the rent.

Over 40 speakers will share essential insights on the following sectors, breaking down the silos of thought between different facets of operational real estate, which will enable the pooling of ideas and the creation of co-investment opportunities.

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels, which also covers serviced apartments and branded residential, hostels and holiday rentals: the short-let accommodation market.

Student Accommodation

Purpose-built accommodation which can overlap with built to rent sector and is increasingly focused on delivering an experience.

Healthcare & Senior Living

Elder living catches the limelight but care homes, hospitals, nurseries, pharmacies and dental practices are all part of the change too.

Entertainment & Leisure

Leisure which encompasses caravan parks, gyms, nightclubs, cinemas and beyond.

Pubs & Restaurants

Tenanted, managed or leased rental values are driven by trade rather than square meterage.

Emerging Segments: Co-living & Flex Offices

such as self-storage, car parking, garden centres, data centres, co-living (residential) and co-working (office)

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